An Introduction

Firstly, Hello!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the kitchen and everything in it. When I strutted off to university, as many young and naive teens do, I wasn’t quite like everyone else in the sense that I am not a one pan will do, 49p can opener will definitely get me through 3 or more years of uni kind of gal. No. I was looking at Joseph and Joseph kitchenware and wanted stuff that was good quality and would last past my educational years. Was it the best idea I have had? Certainly not. But did people come to me for my can opener, easy clean pans, sharper knives to cut those tricky onions and most of all my cup cake pan. Yes they did.

And so my love of kitchens, kitchenware, recipes, food and the friendships that were made through making and eating food was born and here I am today creating a little blog for all you lovely people out there. I hope that you love all of the products I review on here, the recipes I try, the places I eat at and much much more and if you know the perfect brownie recipe PLEASE let me know it and all the secrets you have to making a cakey, but gooey brownie. They are my nemesis… a delicious enemy that I can never succeed at making

Anyway, thanks for popping by and I will hopefully see you shortly!


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