6 Creative Ways to Use a Utensil Pot

Have you ever had that dilemma of receiving a gift that you already have? Maybe you needed a new cutlery set or a new vase, hey that’s ok. However, what if you are bought something lovely? You want to use it, but you can’t rid of your very own beloved item.

Say you were bought a new utensil holder for your new kitchen. Wonderful. However, if you are like me, (not that I am blowing my own trumpet), but I have a gorgeous utensil holder from Henry Watson – I love all of their collections to be honest (especially the Original Terracotta collection) and the brand has a soft spot in my heart as it’s always been round in my family. So what should I do with said item? Of course you have to use the one you were given as a gift – it is lovely after all, but subjecting your Henry Watson Pottery to under the sink? Think again…

Maybe it can be a Vase

We think that this terracotta utensil holder, or even this beautiful wine cooler would be an excellent vase. It’s a great shape and the colour would complement a whole array of colours. We think it’ll look especially good filled with white gerberas. You could country-fy the vase with brown, fraying string and soft petal flowers like peonies and daisies or even modernise it with bold flowers with straight stems, it’s up to you. Also, there is quite a range of utensil holders and you can have a look at them all here, but my favourite has got to be this honey coloured one

Tip: Make rooms flow together and the décor cohesive by using the utensil holder as a vase in a dining room on the table or sideboard.

For Holding Cutlery

Talking of dining, I really wish I was one of those people that had picnics and dinner parties. Big group ones like you see on television. They all seem to have food that would take me days to prepare, not just the soggy miniature sausage rolls and ham sandwiches that we usually have, and it looks wonderful.

If you are one of these people, firstly I envy you, but secondly I thought that a big utensil pot would be great for holding all of your cutlery. At a picnic or BBQ the terracotta pot could be left on the side with all of the plates and condiments and people will just help themselves to whatever they needed. I think it would look really effective and stop knifes falling on the floor and keep everything neat, tidy and all in one place – Just like those on TV!

Tip: If the utensil holder is too deep for your cutlery add tissue paper to the bottom or clean stones – stones will also ensure it will not fall over on a windy day or slightly uneven ground.

As an Egg Holder or a Fruit Bowl

In some décors it may seem a bit strange having a utensil jar outside of the kitchen and so it may be a good idea to reuse it as another kitchen item. Maybe you will fill it with eggs or maybe fruit. Lemons and limes are great for stacking in taller jars, but apples and other round fruits would also work really well.

Tip: Do not store foods such as dry pasta, flour and rice in jars likes these, unless you can find a lid that fits!

As a Change Jar

I need a change jar in my house. As I walk around the rooms where I live I am always finding change on the floor. Not in my bag or on the side of a table, but on the floor. I don’t know how this happens, but it does. So, here is a simple solution. A change jar. However, I don’t know the best place for the jar to go. We usually opt for them going on that limbo part of the stairs that’s after the first climb and just before the landing, but it would probably look best in a bedroom. There always seems to be a saving device in a room whether it’s a penny cup or more traditional piggy bank and so this might work best here.

Tip: If you have a selection of penny jars started already you could cluster them together in a room as decoration, but make sure that they complement the room and one another when placed together.

As a Place for your Hair Straighteners

I never use my hair straighteners any more. This is for many reasons, mostly because I don’t wake up in time, but also because they are hidden away in a box, which is in a crate, in a wardrobe. It’s the same for my curling tongs, hairspray and a multitude of styling tools, which are hidden in my ‘hair drawer’. A pot of this size would be great for storing those everyday items that you want there and then. The side is also great for hanging alice-bands on. Maybe I’ll start styling my hair…

Tip: do not put hair bands in the utensil holder. With everything else in the pot will make it difficult to grab one of the little stretchy bands. These are best kept in a small drawer, on a hair brush or around a small glass bottle (I keep mine on a classic Coca-Cola bottle)

 For Knitting Materials

If you are anything like me, when you start a project it may take a while to get it finished. If you put all the materials neatly away from the regular space that you attempt said project (aka the craft zone) there is no chance of getting it done!

I once started making a scarf. It was my first knitting project and, contrary to how knitting should be, I found it really stressful. Needle-ss to say (that’s meant to be a pun there by the way) I gave up and my mum finished it. During the short time I attempted this scarf there was yarn and needles strewn all over the living room floor. This is another reason my mother took over from what was supposed to be my favourite winter fashion accessory. I think that the wool stacked in a utensil pot with the needles sticking out of the top would have looked great in the corner of our cosy living room and what’s more I may have been more likely to carry on with the product instead of trying to untangle the wool, find the needles and try and carry on from the place I left off from. However, have I attempted knitting since? No.

Tip: If you don’t like knitting either, try needle felting or make some cupcakes, I find it so much better – in fact, you could even make cupcakes out of felt!


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