Don’t Play with your Food, Wear It!

From a little girl (and sometimes now) I was constantly told to stop playing with my food.I used to create mashed potato mountains with little pea people skiing down it’s slopes and sail fish fingers in a sea of ketchup.

Now, I love creating new recipes and still over design how it turns out on a plate. I’ll even ice a cake into one inch of it’s life, add sprinkles, chocolate curls and all manner of extras. The more the better in my eyes.

So, onto wearing food. Of course, we have all heard of Lady Gaga’s meat dress fiasco, but I’m not talking about that extent of food wearing. I’m talking about those candy cane necklaces and sweet watches that we all used to wear.

Candy Watch

Who knew you could still buy these?!

Sugar craft can be so delicate, but also create the most beautiful shapes and art. Why not put this in a necklace or at least use it as inspiration for buying something gorgeous?

Furthermore, Biscuiteers have taken this trend on board and created beautiful (and yummy!) biscuit jewellery – now, who would say no to that? I think that the real question should be how long could you keep it, maybe it is really too good to eat!


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