Macaron Madness

Macaron Title

Is is me, or are people STILL obsessed with macarons?! To be honest, I’m not really one to judge, I’ve never eaten one, never attempted to make one and OK, never even seen a real one of these magnificent little critters! I’ve only ever seen them whilst perusing Pinterest or ogling a cooking program on TV. Maybe a virtual macaron isn’t quite as impressive as the real thing.

So, in light of this tragedy, that is my macaron-less life, I thought I would delve into the depths of the internet and find a few hints and tips as well as some recipes that even I am tempted to try.


Here are three top tips that seem to come up again and again and again – It’s only a few, but I think the best way to learn is to get out there and start baking!

1. Use Gel Food Colouring

Obviously liquids are going to alter the consistency of the macaron batter so your result will be ruined and a little inconsistent. To distribute the colour evenly and quickly you could also add the gel to the egg white instead of the more traditional folding in method

2. Use Aged Egg Whites

Aged egg whites are more dehydrated and so whisking them creates a firmer, more stable meringue, which can only be a good thing!

3. Watch the Oven!

Don’t have the oven too hot. This will cause the feet of the macaron to spread out sideways. Also, you may want to move the tray round during the cooking process just in case one side cooks quicker than the other. Finally, some people open the oven door ever so slightly for the first two minutes of baking so any humidity is lost leaving a shiny and most importantly smooth top.

More Tips

Food nouveau has a brilliant little video here

Honest Cooking gives honest advice – Top ten tips

Choco Paris also has got some great tips and answers loads of reader questions!

And finally, some tips from Pop Sugar

So down to some recipes

I was having a little look round and these are my top three macaron recipes – I hope you agree that they look and sound delicious! For the full recipe and details and more lovely photos please click on the picture or the via link and it’ll take you straight to the wonderful pages I found the macarons on! Nifty eh?!

Vanilla and Coffen Bean



Lemon and White Chocolate



Lemon Meringue



Yum Yum!

Thanks for popping by


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