Chicken Bricks – What’s the Deal?

I have recently been seeing these everywhere and to be honest, I’m not really sure why! Looking back in old cookery books and a few of the comments online they seem to have been big in the 70’s. However, with their natural material and fat-less cooking they could be making a come back due to another modern health concious wave.

Oh, I’m talking about a chicken brick by the way. A terracotta oven loosely in the shape of a chicken that produces delicious results every time. It’s oven within an oven method of cooking, slowly releases steam and produces delicious and succulent meat – what more could you want?

Chicken Brick Henry Watson Kitchenware

Henry Watson Kitchenware

Quick Overview:

The brick, made of porous terracotta, can be submerged in water and once placed in a cold oven, which is then bought up to temperature, the water turns to steam and slowly roasts the chicken to perfection.

On some forums, I found that in the past some people didn’t soak their chicken brick and it still turned out well, but for me, if the outcome is going to be more delicious and it only takes 10 minutes to soak – then why wouldn’t you?!

I’ve had a look around and although one chicken brick seems to stand out more than others in terms of popularity, it has had mixed reviews so I think that this Henry Watson one is a good one to try. It’s a bit more expensive at £35, but it’s a really lovely shape, has great reviews on Amazon and is just that little bit different than the others I have seen.

Henry Watson also provide a plain terracotta baking brick for £25, perfect for crusty loaves and other recipes including apple crumble or risotto!

Terracotta Baking Brick Henry Watson Kitchenware

Henry Watson Baking Brick

The baking brick is a great product for producing tasty meals without any added fats and will be one of the best kitchen goods you buy at the top with that slow cooker you have! I can’t wait to try it and if you have any tips or fail safe recipes I’d love to hear all about them!

Until next time

Bye 🙂


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