Top 6: My Favourite Kitchenware Companies


If you have read the title I think you’re going to know what this post is about!

Yes, I will be listing a few of my favourite kitchenware companies. I might even throw in a few of my favourite items available at each store – Ooh, that’d be nice wouldn’t it? Well, hold fire and keep reading

In no particular order…

Number One 


The Tagline is, and I quote, ‘Made of Strong Stuff’ – and lovely strong stuff it is too! Denby’s premium stoneware is still made in England and the glazes are so strong and perfect that they are easier to clean, but less likely to chip. What’s not to like about that?

With many patterns and colours to choose from you are bound to find something you will love for a long time and from dinnerware to glasses they have everything to equip your kitchen (and make it look good along the way).

My Favourite Piece

Now, this was a lot more tricky than I had anticipated. Everything is so lovely! It was a very close call between the mini casserole dishes in the flower cookware collection and the double dip mugs, but the mugs cinched it for me. They are so unusual and the tones are perfect for the cold nights drawing in. You can have a look at both pieces on the website here and here.



Before I move onto the next one, I must say that the blue in this collection really stands out to me – reminds me of the seaside and sunnier days maybe!

Number Two

Emma Bridgewater 

Another British pottery company that makes all of it’s beautiful, colourful products in Stoke-on-Trent. The playful pottery is great and so practical that you can hardly believe that you haven’t had her work in your home before!

Although pottery is at the very heart of this company, they are starting to venture out into other mediums including fragrances and other life necessities including picnic-ware and wallpaper. Ok, so maybe not a necessity, but it’s always nice to have a look isn’t it.

My Favourite Piece

This piece is absolutely beautiful. Girly, pretty and also useful, it’ll look good in all manner of rooms. Unlike some of the Emma Bridgewater products the colours are not too bold, but the pattern is still striking and I love it.

Pink Wallpaper Mustard Vase


Number Three

Henry Watson 

Henry Watson’s Potteries is a firm favourite of mine. Based in Suffolk and in it’s 6th generation of unbroken succession, they provide well crafted products that look good in a traditional or more modern kitchen.

The kiln (which unfortunately is not in use anymore) has a fascinating history and fired land drain pipes throughout the second world war. You can still visit it today and enjoy a cake in the coffee shop too!

My Favourite Piece

Henry Watson’s potteries produces some really beautiful collections including the new Charlotte Watson Cream Enamel and the Original Suffolk Buttermilk collection, who’s glaze is based upon the shores of the Suffolk coast. However, my favourite has to be the Original Suffolk Terracotta collection. The material is so natural and the colour is vibrant and looks great in any style of kitchen. The spice pots are so sweet (look at the little lid!), but ultimately my favourite item is the Salt Keeper. The terracotta stops the salt from clumping and it is just great for having on the side to season dishes, I love it!

Henry Watson Kitchenware

Henry Watson Kitchenware

Number Four 

Mason Cash

 Another iconic brand, Mason Cash have been producing classic kitchenware for over 200 years and many of the items have retained their original designs and hardly changed, even today.

They promise to keep producing functional and high quality products that are beautiful at the same time, and so far I think that they have definitely kept to this promise.

My Favourite Piece

After having a look at their website, I found out that Mason Cash is a lot more than just mixing bowls! From pudding basins to  cake turntables they have absolutely everything for perfectly baked and decorated goods. However, I must admit that I do have a very soft spot for their mixing bowls. This is especially true for my favourite the Cane mixing bowl, but if you have a look here you can see that they also produce pastel and brightly coloured bowls, which are striking and beautiful.

Number Five 

Weston Mill Pottery

Weston Mill Pottery, which produces handmade terracotta products in England, is a family run business who really aim (and succeed) in providing a friendly and responsive service for all customers. They use terracotta as the primary material and the colour really does bring a natural element into the home (or garden)

My Favourite Piece 

Weston Mill Pottery produces something for everyone, whether it is a personalised wine cooler or even a dog bowl, they will probably have something for you! I must admit that I don’t have a dog, but this product really caught my eye.

dog bowl

Just a quick explanation: It’s a Gobblenot bowl… Ok, not the best explanation. For more information click here

I hope that you enjoyed having a read through some of my favourite kitchenware brands. As you now know, they all use very similar materials, but produce items that are so individual and different from one another.

If you have any favourite pieces that you would like to share with me I’d love to see them!

Thanks for reading and pop by soon 🙂


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