Will the Great British Bake-Off Run Out of Ideas?

I don’t know about you, but I am amazed that the GBBO is still going.

No, don’t get me wrong, I love it, but surely there are only so many recipes that they can get the bakers to bake? When will they run out of ideas? With so many categories and already so many wonderful series passing us by, I cannot let the programme leave our television screens – I won’t allow it!

And so, with macarons, doughnuts, éclairs, petits fours, baked Alaska, self-saucing puddings, Swiss rolls, povitica, kouign amann, religieuse, pork pies and opera cakes already on the list of GBBO bakes I thought I’d give them a helping hand and point them to some more bakes that they can look into (when they get desperate!)

Some Categories For You

Ok, it’s actually quite difficult to think of recipe ideas within a category. Obviously, in the GBBO, there’s the ‘I’m good at this because I practised round’, the ‘this bake is impossible, but give it a go anyway round’ and the ‘this would be ok if you had enough time round’ where they just want to make you squirm. For these rounds, a category like ‘cake’ is fine – the three recipes could be your family’s favourite cake (easy peasy), a battenberg (a bit more technical) and then a three tier wedding cake (hey, why not) for example. But of course I don’t want to come up with new categories, this is really hard to do – I mean they’ve already divided the bread category up. First it was bread, then sweet bread, enriched dough… the list goes on, and so I have decided just to focus on some recipes – add them into a show if you want GBBO people, hey if you even just look at this post I’ll be pretty amazed. Right, onto some recipes.

Recipe Ideas for the GBBO 

This isn’t going to be anything glamorous, literally just a list. Here goes…

Bento lunch box ideas

How amazing would it be to see all the bakers have a go at being creative and making a ‘looks good – tastes great’ lunch. Ok, so I don’t know how we could incorporate any actual baking into this, but lunch art is definitely on my list

Want some recipe ideas now? Look here

After dinner sweets

From mint thins, truffles, fudge, nougat, marshmallows I’m sure the bakers would come up with a plethora of delicious and refreshing after dinner treats… hmm, what time is it? (PS that was a joke – d’you geddit?)

After dinner mint cream, YUM

Breakfast muffins 

Have muffins been on the bake-off? Something so basic and one that can be adapted in so many ways might make a good watch – I certainly need more muffin recipes in my life

Iced lemon and poppy seed muffins

Picnic Loafs (Have they already done this? If so, the rest of the picnic!)

Now I think about it, I’m pretty sure that they have done picnic loaves – or at least loaves that when you cut into reveal the rest of the meal. I want to see this again to be honest – or as mentioned, the rest of the picnic could be looked into. Sausage rolls, chocolate covered Swiss roll, fruit tarts, the list goes on

Picnic Recipes

Cake pops! 

I’m surprised that these haven’t made an appearance on the bake-off yet. To be honest, I did think that these were going to be one of those fads that disappear again, but luckily the cake pop has stuck around and now there are so many recipes and designs that they would be great for the bake-off. I think they would make a pretty good technical challenge as I’ve seen many a cake pop disaster!

Here’s a basic Cake Pop recipe


Another delicious dessert that I don’t think has featured on the bake-off. It’s a classic. Delicious, creamy and so many flavour combos again! You can’t beat a good vanilla cheesecake in my opinion.

New York vanilla cheesecake (with blueberries)

Ok, that’ll do. I’m getting hungry!

I know that there are so many more ideas, but if you are reading this GBBO people I hope that I have given you some ideas! If you are not from the GBBO, thank you for reading all the same! – if you have any recipe ideas or categories for the GBBO to take into consideration leave a comment, I’d love to hear your ideas 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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