Why I Love Henry Watson’s Potteries

Henry Watson Kitchenware

If you have read all of my blog posts, you will see that I have a very soft spot for Henry Watson’s Potteries. It really is a very lovely brand that is still family run after so many years and as I have said in precious post we own some of their products and always get compliments on them. They have lasted so many years, but don’t look outdated so I thought I would give you a few reasons as to why I love Henry Watson’s Potteries!

It’s a classic Suffolk brand

Henry Watson’s is based in a little town in the county of Suffolk, England. Suffolk is famed for its artists, beautiful shores and areas of outstanding natural beauty and I am one of the lucky few to live here. Most of the Henry Watson’s products like the terracotta collection mention Suffolk on the products and the Buttermilk Collection is based on the opaque sands and shingle beach of this area.


Henry Watson Kitchenware

Click the Picture to see more of the Collection

Traditional, but also Contemporary

I don’t know how they do it, but it seems as if the products are all timeless, classic and traditional. Because of this you may think that they would only fit into a certain types of old fashioned houses, but no. The enamel collection is just the right shade to fit in with homely country kitchens, the original terracotta really stands out in minimalist décor and the Charlotte Watson collections in cream and black fit in really well to modern homes!


Something a little more modern

New Collection and Old Favourites

It’s nice to see a company that doesn’t keep bringing out product after product. At Henry Watson’s their kitchenware does drift into certain new collections, but there is always the steady comfort of their most popular pieces always available. It’s great as you can trust that they are not going to stop producing that collection that you have built up year after year. Just imagine if you broke a piece and couldn’t replace it. A tea, coffee and sugar canister set isn’t a set if one of them isn’t present! However, there is also new pieces, not often, but at least you know they’re not pumping out new designs for the hell of it.

Henry Watson Kitchenware

New for 2014: Charlotte Watson Enamel Collection

Just a final note; Henry Watson’s Potteries also has a great little gift shop, which stocks their own branded products as well as garden pots, jams and other lovely bits and pieces and finally their pieces of pottery make great gifts – I know that I would certainly love some more!

Thanks for reading and if you would like to fall in love with Henry Watson’s Potteries too, click here to have a look at their website!


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