Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas Blog Post

It’s probably too early to talk about this, but I am going to anyway. It seems that overnight it has turned into winter and what does that mean? CHRISTMAS OF COURSE!

*** Cue many people leaving my blog ***

I’m sorry. I know it’s not even November yet, but I’m planning on being really organised this year and I’ve already bought a present for my Dad. He’s impossible to buy for so when I saw it (obviously can’t say what it is just in case he stumbles across this), but I snapped it up straight away.

However, this isn’t a Christmas blog, so I need to combine the kitchen and the holiday into one. Easy peasy, I’ve come up with some great present pairings for a bunch of fussy people so you can get in the Christmas mood and plan a few gifts. Also this will help you stick to your budget and you won’t get caught in a last minute dash around a super market (that’s happened to me too often!) – is that a good enough reason to carry on reading about Christmas? I hope so

Anyway, onto some gifts – here we go!

Your Foodie Friend

They love food, go to all the local markets, get excited when looking through old cookery books and they want to be a chef (but that ‘experiment’ did NOT work).

How about giving them a helping hand? These curry kits are really good and from a blend of spices you can make delicious, authentic Indian dishes.

I’ve also found this and I seriously would LOVE this as a gift. It’s a year of cake for those who can’t be bothered to click the link – 12 wonderful pieces of cake head your way every single month of the year (AMAZING).If you don’t like cake, honestly, we can’t be friends… unless you buy me cake. Cake has been said too many times. CAKE!

The Gardener in Your Life

We all know that cooking and gardening go hand in hand. There is nothing better than growing your own produce. We constantly try to grow strawberries every year, we don’t grow many, but those we do are so delicious! Anyway, I saw this website and they have really nice gift bundles that are perfect for your friends and family who love gardening. It might also be worth a visit. The herb farm displays the largest collection of culinary herbs in the UK (over 300!) and they also run classes so it’s really worth a little look.

Into Music?

A couple of musical items for the kitchen. They’re actually really nice and something a bit different. This trivet is really decorative as well as functional and these glasses, well I just like them!

A Girly Girl

Totally my cup of tea! Here there are loads of experience days all revolving around cupcakes and cocktails. You can’t really go wrong! Talking of cupcakes, you could also make up a cupcake pack for your loved one. If they love cupcakes, baking and all things sweet, this website could give you a little inspiration.

A Gadget Guy

Kitchen gadgets are amazing, they are getting better and better and the retro kind are my favourites. Check out these three for some carnival magic and this one I just think is handy!

Ice Cream Dream 

Candy Floss Maker 

Pop Corn

The Crafter Who’s Consistently Upcycling

As a crafter myself, it is ridiculous how excited I can get over tea cups, vintage plates, buttons and all manner of what could be considered rubbish. I think that a little craft box full of bits and pieces, paints, glue, gems and beads would make the ideal gift for a crafter. You could also grab some tumbler glasses with some paints and make some Christmas style cups – and you’ll get extra kudos points for making a gift all by yourself

The One Who Has Everything

Everyone has a person like this in there family. They never want anything. You never know what to get them. My solution: customisable goods. From a mug, chopping board, any kitchen item really or even something like a wallet adorned with their name makes a great gift. There are loads of websites out there that can help you with this but my favourite has to be not on the high-street – they also have many many great gifts for you to have a peruse though if you are really stuck for ideas.

So there you have it – a few gift ideas for you to be getting in with

I can think of loads more ideas, but I think I’d be here for quite some time.  Here’s a  how to formula for you. Think of the person, what do they like, what’s their job, hobbies? and work a gift around that. Ok that’s not really a formula, but it works for me.

Say they like tea? How about a cup and saucer with a box of fruit tea

Maybe they play golf? A new head-cover maybe or a voucher to their favourite sports shop

They’re a teacher? Buy them some stickers, a planner or some funky office stationary like this bin.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post and I promise* that I won’t mention Christmas until December

*My fingers are crossed, I will probably mention Christmas again… soon 🙂


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