Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas in the Kitchen

If you are anything like me, a Christmas home is one of the greatest things about this time of year.

Definition: Christmas Home

Many rooms in a home that are decorated with Christmas and Winter related items. Scent also plays a major part in a Christmas home. If there is no smell of cinnamon, other Christmas spice, orange etc then the Christmas home is not complete.

Here are some of the best Christmas Kitchen decorating ideas that I absolutely LOVE

Here we go!

Simple Centre Pieces 

Table pieces are really effective and add a really Christmassy feel to a room.


Just add a candle to the centre of a colander and fill around it with berries, twigs and evergreen branches to create a festive centre piece. This design works really well with a vintage white colander, but if you have an old or cheap silver one, you could always paint it for a similar effect.

Kitchen colander Christmas decoration ideas



Another easy and simple idea. Just add a few baubles into a bowl to add a touch of Christmas. This can be further Christmas-afied with a red or gold bowl.

Simple Christmas decoration ideas



I love this. Instead of placing those twigs and berries in a colander, they also look really effective in a farmhouse jug. Tie in the theme more by adding a touch of ribbon. To make it more of a statement piece you can also have more than one jug for a display.

Kitchen Christmas decoration ideas


Decorations to do with Snow

Who doesn’t wish for snow at Christmas?


Snow globes are lovely. Kids love them and they look really effective in a little pile on the side of the kitchen. Whether you fill a jar with something like salt or caster sugar and place a few plastic animals in the jar or stick a figure to the lid and add glitter and water for a more authentic snow-globe, both designs look really effective and lovely for Christmas

DIY Snowglobes Christmas decoration ideas


Easy DIY Snowglobes


Frosty and Fun Snowflakes 

Making snowflakes was a must as a child and even today they pop up in kitchen windows. This version is super pretty and uses doilies for an intricate design that looks brilliant

DIY paper snowflakes


Hanging Decorations

Hang items on trees, door knobs, windows, everywhere!


These little acorns would look really good in gold too, hanging on a tree or even on a horizontal branch above a window or door.

acorn Christmas decorations



I think that this is absolutely perfect. There is nothing more Christmassy than a wreath, but we hardly see them on the door at the front of our houses. Bring them in and add a touch of festive glamour to any room in the house – I think these are particularly impressive here though

Christmas wreaths Kitchen decorations


Gingerbread Tree Decorations

These decorations also help with adding that warm festive scent to your home and look so sweet. Add other extras like cinnamon, dried orange and gingerbread to a mini tree for a stunning tree for your home.

Gingerbread tree christmas decorations


Christmas Red

Finally, red always adds a touch of Christmas to any home. That bright red against the holly green is undeniably related to Christmas and adds a touch of festivity to your home. It works particularly well in the kitchen as you can easily grab plates, jugs and all sorts in the lovely red tone.

red christmas kitchen decorations


red Christmas decorations for your kitchen

And there you have it, a few ideas to add festive touches into your home. I hope you liked this post and any further Christmas suggestions would be greatly received. Until next time!


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