Retro Kitchen Inspiration

Retro kitchen inspiration

When I was looking for all of the lovely pastel kitchen inspiration I kept coming across all these vintage, 50’s diner looks as well and I totally fell in love! Here is the little brain child of that moment of glory and I give you loads of vintage, retro inspired inspiration for you to contemplate adding to your kitchen!

Retro kitchen


This cute retro corner is so unusual and the mix of primary colours really works

Retro kitchen


The addition of that bold rug really makes the yellow on the tiles stand out. At first, I didn’t even twig that it was a rug! I think that as a floor would be even more effective!

Retro kitchen scales


Little retro additions in the kitchen like this scale is a subtle way to add the vibe to your room

Retro kitchen vintage kitchenware


Those colours!

Retro kitchen drying rack


This dryer could look outdated, but the addition of the yellow and blue accents brings it back to the modern era

Retro kitchen canisters


These remind me of The Jetsons!

Retro kitchen radio


A lot of items these days are made to look old, but whether they are bought new or from a vintage shop, usable items with classic design add wonderful touches to any room

Retro kitchen vintage style mugs


A more subtle hint to the more retro look here, but they are still lovely

Retro kitchen sign


This also reminds me of cartoons that used to be set in the future. They also had a similar designed clock

upcycled coke bottles Retro kitchen


These are such a good idea and yes, the coke bottle is the only nod to the retro theme I am heading towards. They also have different bottle designs like vases made out of wine bottles.


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