Christmas Dinner Party Must Haves

christmas dinner party

What else would you need but good food and company? Well, other than the obvious, I have come up with a few of my very own ideas on how to make that dinner party have just a little more Christmas spirit. So, grab a mince pie and jot down some notes on my top Christmas Dinner Party Must Haves.

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Macaron Madness

Macaron Title

Is is me, or are people STILL obsessed with macarons?! To be honest, I’m not really one to judge, I’ve never eaten one, never attempted to make one and OK, never even seen a real one of these magnificent little critters! I’ve only ever seen them whilst perusing Pinterest or ogling a cooking program on TV. Maybe a virtual macaron isn’t quite as impressive as the real thing.

So, in light of this tragedy, that is my macaron-less life, I thought I would delve into the depths of the internet and find a few hints and tips as well as some recipes that even I am tempted to try.

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