Pastel Spice Jars

To be honest, even though it is winter and I should be loving darker, warmer tones I am still very much in love with pastel. And I mean everything pastel. I still love purple hair (on others – I’m not quite brave enough), pastel blue nails, that light daisy yellow, and pink – all pink, but especially light and baby pink. I LOVE PASTELS!

Ok sorry.

My obsession may have been reignited by one of my favourite inspiration posts, which is of course my pastel inspiration blog. You can have a gander at that here, if you would so wish… (love a cheeky plug me)

Anyway, back to  the point of this blog.

I visited Henry Watson Potteries the other day – I know, “shut up about Henry Watson already”, but I do love his pottery and hear me out. I was in his shop, looking around, trying to grab a bit of inspiration when there it was. Pastel. Now in amongst cream and terracotta a glimpse of pink was very much appreciated. Look what I saw…

Colourful spice jars pastel


Now, if you do not like these (or Henry Watson Pottery for that matter) thanks for reading this far, but I’m sorry, we can’t be friends 😉

It’s just perfection. A really cute little spice jar with that bobble hat lid, they’re made out of terracotta and the seal is really good so everything will stay fresh, the glaze is pastel and shiny… I could go on.

I have never seen these online so when I saw them I was immediately in love – I hope you like them as much as I do (not really possible :)) and if you do have the chance, go and check out the Henry Watson shop. It’s a little barn like shop, with more than just pottery, the staff are really helpful and it’s great to have a look round.

Anyway, I shall not mention Henry Watson’s again… (disclaimer: this is probably a lie), but I hope you don’t mind 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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